Saturday, May 27, 2006

Oh my! The battle of who reports correctly first has begun!

The post chronicle reports that the Golden Child will be born June 4th, Angelina's birthday:

Breaking: Angelina Jolie To Have Baby On 6/4/06: Her Birthday
by Jim BroganMay 25, 2006

[UPDATE]Soon-to-be new (biological) mother Angelina Jolie has, as we all know, been making herself as comfortable as possible in her African hideaway in Namibia, and now it has turned into what is being viewed by hundreds of 'pilgrims' and tourists as a 'shrine', and they just keep coming.

Namibian Locals suggest that the economy is full of life, literally, and hundreds of visitors make stops at a resting site close by the pregnant actress' rented Burning Shore Beach Lodge, according to reports.
According to Contact Music, these dedicated visitors cook up their meals on open fires and then proceed to travel across the beach for a quick peep at Brad Pitt and his potential wife-to-be.

A local is quoted as saying, "We've never seen anything like it."
"They all want to get a tiny glimpse and be able to say they were close to Angelina and Brad."

Angelina Jolie and her Hollywood hottie lover flew in their OBGYN, and Life & Style says the doctor will induce Jolie's labor on 3 June (06), unless the actress manages to deliver naturally before then.

But the odd thing of it is, Angelina's birthday is 4 June, so it's no wonder why the star is planning to induce labor on 3 June.

It all makes sense, now.

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