Thursday, May 25, 2006

OK, There are waaaay too many questions.....

TOM CRUISE is looking to build his dream family home overlooking California's San Fernando Valley after secretly acquiring a plot from the Church of Scientology.
Church officials reportedly bought the remote hilltop plot last year (05) for $10 million (GBP5.5 million) and now top Sientologist Cruise hopes to build a home there for himself, wife-to-be KATIE HOLMES, their baby daughter SURI and his two adopted children, ISABELLA and CONNOR.
A source tells American publication In Touch that the movie star plans to spend upto $25 million (GBP13.9 million) on the project after agreeing to knock down one existing property and buying up a second next door.
But Cruise and his clan won't be alone on their hilltop retreat, according to a real estate insider his plans to buy a third neighbour's home have been thwarted because the family has no wishes to move.
Cruise plans to wed fiancee Holmes at the end of the summer (06). 05/25/06 04:03 courtesy WENN

where the hell is Nicole in this? Does she no longer have custody? Why does it seem the wedding date still keeps getting tossed around, spring then fall then later in the year.... Are we sure this isn't a compound he's building instead of a "retreat?"

I still don't believe that Tom and Katie will ever really marry. I just don't see it.

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