Tuesday, May 23, 2006

It's ok....

Probably nobody wants to marry her either...

off of WENN:

HALLE BERRY will never marry again, because she doesn't trust her judgement in men.
After two failed marriages - to DAVID JUSTICE and ERIC BENET - the actress couldn't bear the pain for a third time.
But she does still dream of motherhood.
Berry, 39, says, "I never want to get married again. I've been married and divorced twice and it's not something I plan on repeating.
"I guess you could say I have bad taste in men. But I no longer feel the need to be someone's wife.
"I don't feel like I need to feel validated through being in a marriage. I feel pretty good being on my own.
"I do hope to have a child of my own with a guy that could be the father and have a lovely committed relationship.
"As I'm approaching 40, the desire to have something in my life that's more meaningful than movies and a career and working on them is becoming really important to me.
"I'm hoping something real will manifest itself in my life. Whether I'll have a child of my own or adopt, I'm not sure.
"I once though, you can't have children if you're not married. I thought it would be just wrong. Now I realise it's not wrong. The most important thing is I would be a good mother.
"My mother was alone and raised me and I turned out ok." 05/23/06 05:44

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