Monday, June 2, 2008

Blind Items!

Cuz i know u love them!

That marriage didn't last long. You know the B+ list actress on the hit network drama who got married and said it would last forever. Heck, the fake marriage from the same show is going to last longer than this real one. How long do you have to stay married in order not to return wedding gifts?

One Girlie, Gonzo Blind Vice: As I’m off to get hitched, thought it would be terribly appropriate to give you a little salacious het-on-het action. I mean, why not, more straights than fruits get married, right? Oh, but could that just be because it’s only legal for you guys? Never mind. This isn’t a political soap bitch; it’s a Blind Vice, and as intent as I was to bring on the hetero horniness, Vadge Fly-Trap interfered. Or at least her gal-hungry paws did. Vadge, really, is just as ballsy as most of the guys she’s simply clobbered in the Biz. More so, I’d say. She’s sorta like that Spitzer dude in fact—so obviously gunnin’ for the girls, while (stupidly) thinking nobody’ll notice. Hardly! While Ms. VFT rakes in the major dough for her TV and movie appearances, much of the world may indeed have fallen in love with her, but I’m tellin’ ya, those worshippers certainly don’t include some rich-ass Bev Hills babes. "She was sitting next to me, and her hand kept brushing up against my leg!" revealed one 30ish, single, Chanel-suited gal (who doesn’t like gals, at least, not in that way), regarding a luncheon party she attended with Ms. Fly-Trap. "She was actually squeezing my thigh at one point," continued the guy-lovin’ lady, "and I, very directly, just had to ask her to stop it." How very polite. What’s the matter with a good ol’ bitch-slap to the overly painted puss, huh? I mean, if a guy had done that to some broad who didn’t want it, it’s safe to assume his pucker would be sucker-punched, essentially. Oh, completely forgot. People dare not cross Vadge Fly-Trap, that’s why. She is, in T-town, what Tom Cruise used to be: megapowered and poop-proof. But not for very much longer. AND IT AIN’T: Paris Hilton; Scarlett Johansson; Martha Stewart

Which two LA-based superstars have started jogging together. Beverly Hills neighbours are enjoying gossiping about what they do to warm down.

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