Tuesday, June 3, 2008

The Church raided!

the St. James strip club here in Houston, (known by some as the Church) got raided! Frankly, I'm surprised that any strip clubs here in Houston get raided, it's huge business for the city. Seriosuly, there are a lot of businessmen, local and international, who frequent the spots and spend a loooooot of money at these places. Usually the local cops just turn their heads, since they are pretty corrupt as well. I wonder what the owner did to piss the cops off! Did he forget their payoff?

from the smoking gun:

Sheriff's sting operation nets 18 arrests at Texas gentlemen's club

JUNE 2--Proving again that it's legally perilous to work at a Texas gentlemen's club, police last Thursday arrested 18 employees of a Houston strip joint on a variety of charges, including prostitution and violating the city's strict regulations governing sexually oriented business. The May 29 raid at St. James Cabaret was carried out by Harris County Sheriff's Office vice officers following a weeklong undercover operation. On the following pages you'll find mug shots of 15 of the women caught up in the law enforcement sweep, which was triggered by citizen complaints about operations at the club. This is at least the fourth time in the last 18 months that a Houston strip club has been raided. Previous cases, which are detailed here, here, here, and here, netted 32 arrests. In most instances, dancers were busted for improper contact with customers, a violation of the "three-foot rule" governing how close a dancer can get to a customer. (15 pages)

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