Tuesday, June 3, 2008

No, just no, no, NO!!

I love good anime and I am a fan of Death Note but for the love of shrimp, PLEASE DO NOT MAKE A LIVE ACTION MOVIE!!! I do not like live action movies of anime, it ruins everything!!! I thought this was resolved when the world gave a resounding "HELL NO" to a Cowboy BeBop live action movie!!! Also, I have heard on the net that three Death Note movies are possible. From ONTD:

Another American remake of an Asian franchise
Vertigo Scribbling Death Note Remake

Within Universal's production notes for The Strangers it has been revealed - under producer Doug Davison's bio - writers Vlas and Charles Parlapanides are penning an American remake of Death Note for Vertigo Films. The brothers are currently overseeing the development of CW's upcoming television series Undercover, directed by John Stockwell (Turistas).

Death Note, Shusuke Kaneko's adaptation of the popular manga, has become a cult hit and spawned a sequel Death Note: The Last Name. The story concerns a student, Light Yagami, who discovers a notebook that gives him the ability to jot someone's name down within its pages and kill someone.

Vertigo, in addition to producing Strangers, is also at work on a remake of Anguish.

*what do you think? Zac Effron as Light? Srsly, could Zac pull off being a moody and dark genius, like Light is supposed to be?*

Here's the trailer for the first Japanese movie:

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