Sunday, June 1, 2008

Personal Update!

maybe you're sick of these, but here's another one!

I am doing a lot better, my abdomen swelling has gone down greatly and it feels more normal. I have lost (I figure from tissue loss and fluid that I am finally getting out) now about 8 pounds in the last week. I still have an appetite, but it is no longer the ravenous, angry hunger that I was experiencing. I like that a lot better, I was tired of being dominated by my appetite!

I just still get very tired very quickly and have to lie down for a bit each day. I wish I could do more, I'm not allowed by my doctor to drive yet so I am still pretty house-bound. Maybe I should find a work from home job! ^_^

Anyhow, I am better, I feel better, just very tired still. Can't wait to be able to pick the weights back up and have a martini!

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