Wednesday, July 19, 2006

The Midget Simpson gets rattled!

You go Nick! Show off your bad sexy self!



Nick and Jessica's uncomfortable run-in

When Jessica Simpson premiered her new video “A Public Affair” on TRL today, she was lucky to find that her ex-husband, Nick Lachey’s current girlfriend, Vanessa Minnillo was not the one interviewing her. Unfortunately, Simpson wasn’t able to avoid the couple early last Saturday morning at LA hotspot, Hyde.

Jessica visited the club with her constant companion, hairstylist Ken Paves. A fellow patron told People magazine that "Jessica was having a grand time. She was totally vibing the music." That was until Nick and Vanessa showed up holding hands.

At that point, "Jessica's rhythm totally changed. She was silent and stopped moving. It looked like she was going to shoot out a laser beam and incinerate them," said the source. One of Jessica’s friends claims the singer even endured watching a "heavy make-out session" between Nick and Vanessa.

Despite her visible discomfort, Simpson was able to maintain composure. But Lachey "never broke a sweat," another witness said. In fact, he even came over to say hello to his ex-wife and give her a hug. A friend of Nick’s said, "They behaved like two people moving on."
One meeting down and at least one more to go. Let’s see if this threesome can avoid the drama when they attend next month’s Teen Choice Awards where Jessica is co-host.

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