Monday, July 17, 2006

R.I.P. Carmen & Dave

But I think we all knew the truth the whole time, they couldn't fool us. Oh and I knew someone who worked at the hotel in Dayton, OH and saw Carmen Electra with Tommy Lee! If only they had had a camera...



Carmen and Dave: Over
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So much for “‘Til Death Do Us Part” - Carmen Electra and Dave Navarro have announced they are splitting. The couple’s rep told People magazine that they are "amicably separating."

The couple, who married in November 2003, had been the subject of much speculation regarding their union lately. Carmen and Dave always denied rumors of a rift between them, though.

Back in April, Carmen told People, "We're fine! I'm not saying we have the perfect marriage or that we're the perfect couple, but we're pretty damn good." Carmen said that if things were shaky between her and Dave, "I wouldn't have my ring on. I would not walk around and pretend."

Carmen and Dave had both been wed before. Electra was married to Dennis Rodman for five months in 1998-1999. Dave has been married twice before.

Posted by Kate Lanahan July 17, 2006

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