Monday, July 17, 2006

Suri sighting?

I'm getting tired of this, I don't really care anymore. And I think the blue thing they refer to looks like a cooler. As a matter of fact, I have one that looks just like this.



While falling far short of obtaining images of the world's most suspiciously unseen baby, paparazzi agency X17 thinks it's captured photographic proof of possibly imaginary infant Suri Cruise's existence by snapping a picture of a stroller in the shadows behind Tom Cruise's Telluride compound.

A blurry, long-distance image of what may or may not be Suri's brightly canopied conveyance (yellow circle) hardly seems evidence of anything more than a Team Cruise drone's ability to shop in a baby store; in fact, we're inclined to think that the more easily identifiable cooler (red circle) is more compelling confirmation of the Miracle Baby's actuality; it's much easier to imagine Katie Holmes placing her alleged daughter inside the plastic box and wheeling her into town for a Starbucks run, secure in the knowledge that a cooler's insulated walls can't be penetrated by even the most advanced of paparazzi technology.


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