Wednesday, July 19, 2006

What is with the Baldwin brothers?

They are weird, strange and just can't act normal!


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Baldwin Bro in 80 MPH Car Crash

Posted Jul 19th 2006 6:33PM by TMZ Staff
Filed under: Train Wrecks, City Of Industry

Actor Daniel Baldwin is back in trouble with the law.TMZ has learned that Baldwin is currently at UCLA Medical Center in police custody and could face DUI charges after crashing into a pair of parked cars while driving at what police estimate was 80 miles per hour through Los Angeles.

A police spokesman said Baldwin was spotted weaving through traffic in a silver Thunderbird. He ran a red light before crashing into two cars, including a Hummer, which was launched 20 feet by the impact. Police say Baldwin was driving the car, a rental, with a suspended license.

In March, Baldwin was charged with drug violations after being arrested in a Santa Monica hotel. Cops claim that when they arrived, they found cocaine on Baldwin and another man.

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