Thursday, July 20, 2006

Sad really....

I feel badly for her. I don't care for Jordan, but this kind of thing is really sad for anybody.



British glamour model Jordan has miscarried a baby.

The 28-year old wife of Peter André was rushed to a hospital in London Friday after complaining of stomach pains.

She is now recovering at her East Sussex home with her hubby and two kids, Junior and Harvey.A pal of the couple told British publications: "It's impossible to describe how upset they both are. They wanted to keep the whole thing secret and hoped no one would find out.

She was only a few weeks into the pregnancy — but hadn't had her three-month scan, so told only a handful of people."And just two months ago, Jordan told Channel 4 about how much she and wanted another rug-rat.

She said: "Pete and me really want another child. We'd love a little girl. I'd have to call her Pink or Princess, because she'd be my princess."

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