Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Trouble on Planet Tom Cruise?

Katie, I've written you off but secretly, deep inside, I still hope you'll see the light and get away....I dream of you having your freedom and life back. Please make it come true! But I also know things are pretty complicated now.


this off of ONTD:

Might there be trouble in TomKatland? X17 reports Katie Holmes staged a revolt and stormed out of their home in Beverly Hills yesterday after she was ordered to hire two Scientology-trained nannies by her master Tom Cruise.

'And some other weird things: she hasn't been seen with her usual assistant (aka Scientology Sea Org) for weeks and for the last week she was in Telluride (when we were keeping an eye on her), we caught not even a glimpse of Tom. Yeah, he was in Chicago over the weekend, but where was he before that and where is he now? Doesn't he maybe feel like hanging out with his wife and baby sometimes?

'Has Katie finally awaken from the Scientology haze she's been under for the last year? Is she seeking retail therapy as a means of escape? Stay tuned....

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