Sunday, July 23, 2006

Another in the works!

Whatever. They can afford it and she will get to eat again for a few months. And yeah, I'll make the comment here too: Yet another fucktrophy to be made for her. And more plastic surgery to cover it up after it's over as well. *Yawn*


from ONTD:

POSH and Becks are trying for their fourth baby — and this one looks set to be made in Europe. The couple are said to be desperate to have a daughter. And they're not wasting any time getting on with it as they romp their way around the continent.

Becks, 31, has told close pals they've been trying non-stop for a baby. A source told the News of the World: "They've had their problems in the past but they're all gone. It's as if they're on their honeymoon again. They just can't stop touching and kissing each other." The couple already have three sons — Brooklyn, seven, Romeo, three, and one-year-old Cruz.

But the source added: "David has told us he can't wait to be a father again and another child, especially a daughter, would complete the family." The pair have been holidaying in the South of France, Marbella, and Italy. And they snogged for THREE FULL MINUTES in front of stunned guests at an exclusive restaurant in Portovenere. One said: "David couldn't keep his eyes or his hands off Posh. They were in the restaurant for five hours and kept kissing in between courses. They didn't care who saw them."

The lovebirds are now cruising on a £20million yacht owned by Posh's designer friend Roberto Cavalli. And it's clear from these snaps they don't need any help floating their boat.

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