Thursday, July 27, 2006

Prince is single again

Line up ladies! You could be the next contestant on this Wife is Right!


form handbag gossip:

The artist formerly known as married

Another one bites the dust in the celebrity divorce world. Prince and his second wife Manuela Testolini Nelson are divorcing, according to latest reports. The 'Purple Rain' star never in fact confirmed that he was married to Nelson and denounced the legalities of the marriage after divorcing his first wife Mayte Garcia.

Prince was married to the backup dancer from 1996 to 1998 until their marriage was annulled. However, Alan Eidsness, the lawyer representing the popstar, has confirmed that a divorce was filed at Minnesota's Hennepin County District Court on May 24th. Court documents claim that the couple were married on December 31st 2001.

The divorce filing is expected to be sealed by the judge to protect the privacy of the pair. Nelson, 29, was a former employee at Prince's charitable foundation and is the founder and president of Gamillah, which operates a production company and line of designer candles. The star is also involved with a number of charities including YouthCARE and United Communities Against Poverty.

Representatives for Nelson said this week that they have no comment on the divorce.

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