Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Well what are you gonna do now?

from ONTD:

Katie wants her career back

Is Katie reverting to her old self after a year of Tom Cruise voodo?

US Weekly reports the following

Stay-at-home mom no more! While Katie Holmes, 27, has enjoyed a quiet life in the three months since Suri’s birth – she spent much of July chilling out in Telluride, Colorado – the new mom has returned to L.A. with a new attitude. Sources tell Us she’s ready to get back to work.

On July, 19, the actress – who’s career was just shifting into high gear with the blockbuster release of Batman Begins when she hooked up with Tom Cruise, 44, last year – took a meeting sans Tom with her agents at CAA in Beverly Hills to fire up the search for the perfect vehicle for her big-screen return.“She knows it’s been too long. She doesn’t want to give up her career for her new life,” says a friend of Holmes’, who adds that she has been reading scripts looking for an “older, more mature role.”

And although she wants a hot career again, her family life won’t have to suffer, says an insider close to the pair.“She’s still very much involved with Tom and the baby,” says the source. “But she does want to start working again soon.”

What happened to the old Katie, the one without that dead look in her eyes...?

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