Sunday, July 23, 2006

Jessica Simpson sucks but we knew that

Of course she's not moving magazines! Nobody cares about this ho anymore! It's over and we are ready for something more interesing, like Suri pics already!!!! The only thing this bag of short bones could do that would interest me is get pregnant, commit suicide or move in with Britney and K-fool! or a combination of those three things!

Now there's a reality show for you....if anybody's listening, Spin is giving this one away! Have the Midget move in with the Federlines! only insanity can ensue! Now send me my $$$!!!!


from A socialite's life:

Lloyd Grove's Daily Dish from the New York Daily News reveals the following:
OK! magazine -- which reportedly paid Simpson up to $1 million to pose for half a dozen covers, not to mention a nice commission for her PR rep -- apparently isn't moving the merchandise. I hear that sales of the Jessica cover of OK!'s July 24 issue -- about 540,000 -- were 10% lower than the magazine's Jennifer Aniston-Vince Vaughn cover the week before, and 15% lower than the Britney Spears cover three weeks earlier. "Jessica was their lowest sale in seven weeks," a glossy-magazine insider told Lowdown yesterday. "She's so over. She's a bargain-basement star who can only sell $1.99 magazines at best these days."

Well, maybe if there were more ice-cream action going on in her photo shoots, moving magazines wouldn't be a problem.

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