Tuesday, July 25, 2006

The batshit crazies go to get their crazy shots

Gotta keep up with the vitamin shots so the rose-colored goggles don't fall off! To check out more, click on the link in the headline.


from X17:

Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes Top Off Their Thetans
July 25, 2006

We've got exclusive video of Tom & Katie pulling into the Scientology Center yesterday - could baby Suri be in the car? I mean, with that sized entourage (you can see the line of black vehicles behind Tom's SUV as it turns into the parking lot), it seems like a reasonable question to ask - after all, it sure looks like Tom brings the whole team out when he makes his daily visit to the Center, and it's pretty doubtful that he's leaving Suri at home alone with her Dianetics Speak-n-Spell while he's doing it. Assuming, of course, that she exists in the first place.

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