Wednesday, July 26, 2006


Tori Spelling shopping at the Dollar Store then wants us all to believe that she's not hurting....HA!


from Us Weekly:

“I’ve worked since I was 16, so I pay for everything with my own money,” Tori Spelling (with husband Dean McDermott at an Ottawa discount store on July 23) has said. She also hit a local pawnshop the same day.


In related Tori news, she blames Mommy for 'cheapening' her wedding:


Tori to Mom - You Cheaped Out My Wedding

With reports of Tori Spelling's recent money woes, TMZ has learned that it was her first wedding that got the ball rolling in the rift between the "90210" star and her mother -- eventually leading to Tori's inheritance being torpedoed.

Tori was married to Charlie Shanian in July of 2004 at the Spelling's 56,000 square foot Holmby Hills estate and Candy Spelling planned the whole thing. She opened her wallet big time, hiring famed wedding planner Mindy Weiss and the tony Mark's Garden for the floral arrangements. We're told Candy dropped a cool mil on the affair.

But a family friend tells TMZ, Tori felt utterly shortchanged. The friend tells TMZ that Tori thought the wedding "wasn't big enough."Candy, on the other hand, felt slighted that Tori did not include enough of Candy's friends on the guest list. The two fought the entire time leading up to the wedding, at times not speaking to each other.

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