Thursday, July 27, 2006

I Feel So Giddy!

Cuz we all know this is so true but to have actual witnessed confirmation really warms my evil little heart! Snark away!!!


off of

Fired pool boy says Britney isn’t ‘nice’
Says pop star yells at husband Kevin for lying around too much

By Jeannette Walls

Britney Spears isn’t a “nice person.” That’s the news flash from a pool worker who was fired by the “Oops! ... I Did It Again” singer, who says that Spears axed him for talking too much to her hubby, Kevin Federline.

“I was hanging out a little bit,” ex-employee Jon LaLane told In Touch Weekly. “She came out screaming at Kevin for lying around, then looked at me like I was to blame.” The next day, LaLane, says he got a call from Spears’ people, telling him not to report for work.

LaLane, son of the famed exercise guru Jack LaLane, also has a band, and he says he and K-Fed would talk music. But, he claims, Spears would get jealous when her hubby talked to anyone else.
“She wants Kevin on a leash,” LaLane told the mag. “She fires everybody. I figured, ‘Why not me?’ I just didn’t expect her to be so mean.”

He adds: “It’s a revolving door there. She’s not the nice person everyone thinks she is.”

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