Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Anna Nicole Smith's body custody trial

I'm watching this on MSNBC....Anna Nicole's mother is on the stand right now, denying that she was ever paid by any news agency for anything. She keeps pointing to Howard K., saying that he's made all the $$, he is the one who has profitted from Anna's death.

Personally, and this is only my take from watching this, I think Anna Nicole's mother is a control freak. I think that's why Vickie Lynn wanted to get the hell away. I don't find the woman to be terribly clever....she doesn't know how to work the system. But she sure is a drama queen and now we know where Anna Nicole got it from. Most of the time, the woman doesn't understand the questions that are being asked and the other half she cries....Maybe for dramatic pause.

I'm am not saying tha I support Howard K....but I don't find much like for Anna Nicole's mother. It seems to be the mother's wishes to bury Anna Nicole in Texas, not really Anna Nicole's. The mother also wants to exhume Daniel and bury him in Texas. Again, I think these are the mother's personal wishes, not Anna Nicole's.
Interestingly, Anna Nicole's mother stated on the stand that she had never met Larry Birkhead until after Anna Nicole died.
Think about this: If Anna Nicole buried her son in the Bahamas, bought four plots in the Bahamas....wouldn't that tend to tell you that she wanted to be buried in the Bahamas?

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