Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Howard K.'s testimony continues

Anna Nicole had different doctors at different times and as a result, at different time, different medications, mainly to treat depression, according to Howard K. The judge declared that he needed more information about Anna Nicole's capacity and mental condition, including any drug use, in relevance to the case concerning who should lay claim to her body.

When asked about her mental state, Howard K. stated that sometimes she was clear, sometimes not....when pressed about the times when she was not clear, if drugs were a contributor, Howard K. said that he thought stress had more to do with it than drugs, that sometimes the drugs affected her, sometimes not. She had been seeing a psycologist before she knew Howard K. until about 2000.

He went on to say that he knew about the Methadone, that it was a prescription medication but Anna Nicole didn't do it in front of him. Howard K. also stated that he knew of no life insurance policies taken out on Anna Nicole.

The Texas lawyer kept trying to pin Howard K. as being responsible for Anna Nicole's death. The second executor named in ANS's will was a friend of Howard K.'s. Howard K. denied calling to have a copy of ANS's will faxed to him before she died. Howard K. also stated that he and his friend were not looking for the will 5 days before her death, as suggested by the Texas attorney.

When asked about a check written for the Bahamian plots, Howard K. was asked why someone so young would be concerned with being buried (stupid, anytime you have kids or get married should be considered), Howard K. replied that after Daniel's death, Anna Nicole began to think about her own mortality.

Regarding contracts with media regarding Daniel's death, Howard K. stated that he had none and had not benefitted, anna Nicole had a contract with Getty images and had profited. He also stated, when asked, if he had any contracts regarding ANS's death and he replied no.

The Texas Attorney asked if Howard K. had picked up prescriptions or called them in for ANS, which was objected to and withdrawn.

Howard K. stated that ANS had two computers which were stolen and that he knew the passwords. For her corporation, he was an agent of process but not an officer. He would, under her direction, sign her name to corporation checks. Vicky Smith, Vicky Hogan, Anna Nicole, Michelle Chase, Suzie Wong, Anna Nicole Smith, Norma Jean, Mrs. Flinstone, Vicky Lynn Hogan, were all names that she used at one time or another, some names used for prescriptions that Howard K. picked up for her from time to time. With her permission, Howard K. used her credit card.

An attorney asked if Howard K. was the biological father of Dand objections were thrown around the courtroom and the question was dismissed. The judge chastized her for being inflamatory and to stop pressing the issue. The attorney shot back asking if the issue of Dannielynn being next of kin was no longer relevant to the case and the judge told her to sit down.

Feb. 12th is the date stated when the will was actually faxed and received.

Attorneys are supposed to appear tomorrow in Florida and the Bahamas, the judge saying that he would have the Bahamian court on speakerphone in his courtroom. Concern was if Howard K. would be in the Florida courtroom the next day and was dismissed from the witness seat. Howard K. was ordered to appear in the Florida courtroom.

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