Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Larry Birkhead takes the stand!

When asked about any money from media, press or public relations that he made from the death of Daniel and Anna Nicole, Larry answered yes, as the nature of his work as a photographer. He received royalties since 1998, he made no direct money of his archived photos. He made $$ from interviews. He said he made no $$ regarding Daniel's death in interviews after he died (September 2006). Larry guesstimated that he made six figures roughly a year from his work. He contends that he met ANS in 2003 at a Kentucky Derby.

Larry was paid $$$ for his ANS pictures in conjunction with interviews.

He was asked to be a private photographer for her and that their relationship went from professional to personal. In 2004, Larry was dodgy about how much ANS paid him to photograph her. But he did state that he did make the majority of his income off of her. They became personal in July 2004. Larry said that his impression of Howard K.'s relationship to ANS was her friend, publiciest, manager, attorney and did errands for her. He said that Howard K. did not have an intimate relationship with her because Larry had moved in with her til August 2005. Larry said that Howard K. interfered with his relationship with ANS, that Howard K. would cancel events that Larry and ANS were supposed to go to together. Larry lived with her from July 2004 to August 2005. Howard K. frequently stayed at ANS's house while Larry was there, sleeping on a couch, even though he had an apartment. Larry wanted more alone time. Other people stayed at her house as well, but they were not named. Larry moved his things out but remained with ANS. He said he was with her most nights and only knew of one indiscretion. January 2005, ANS was pregnant and miscarried in Feb. 2005, which Larry claims to have been his.

April, 2005, Larry got his own place where he still is and paid for his own rent.

(I guess they split up in aug. 2005)

HE talked about the video that ANS saw of howard marshall stating that she wasn't to have any more $$, only what had already been given to her and she was horribly upset.

November 2005 thru New Year's eve, ANS was with another guy....which she left and came back and she and Larry talked about getting back together, he thought it was an exclusive relationship.

Larry said her mental state wasn't the best then, maybe depressed. When she came back from S. Carolina, they tried to reconcile. He didn't like the messages she texted to him. Dec. 31 2005 until feb. 2006 was when he stayed with her in her home. Then she went to the supreme cuort for her case. she told him around valentine's day of 2006 she told Larry that she was pregnant again. Larry asked him if it was his and ANS smacked him, saying that she wasn't a whore. She didn't know how long she had been pregnant. Larry also claimed that Dannielynn was his, (his only child, the same as Howard K.). He also said that they shopped for baby clothes together and ANS had asked him to pick out a ring for her. He stated that she wanted to take care of him.

Larry wanted to keep working and maintain financial independence. Larry stated that Howard K. was around a lot, saying that he was working on ANS's supreme court case. Larry had met ANS's mother in court for the first time. When asked about ANS's speaking of her mother, he said that ANS didn't get along with her mother but when she was pregnant, she called out for her mother and texted that she wanted her mother. The video shown of ANS saying how much she ahted her mother, Larry was asked what he thought of ANS's state in the video, that that became her normal state, Larry thought she was angry and slurring her words.

Larry said that he and ANS had talked about marriage, she had sent him out to get things for the baby...she didn't want to be a single mother again. Marriage was talked about but he didn't want to marry just because she was pregnant, he wanted it to be for the right reasons. ANS called him in April 2006 to come to the hospital because she had been having pains. ANS was in the hospital for two weeks and Howard K. slept on a cot in the hospital room. ANS was taking medications before and during pregnancy. Larry said ANS and Howard K. had packed duffle bags of her meds to take when the hospital staff didn't give her enough. She was on suicide watch. She had written Larry's name as the father and his thumprint and wrote her name and thumbprint as mother.

Larry said he knew Howard K.'s feeling s for her as romantic and he felt badly for him, wiriting Howard's name as "Uncle Howard."

ANS did not speak to her mother while she was in the hospital. He tried to get ANS to follow the prescripons as written but ANS would take whatever she felt like and Larry was concerned about the baby. ANS would send him to the store to get her something she craved but she seemed to take something while he was gone and would be in a "seizure like state". This was May of 2006. He had his own place but stayed with ANS. Sometimes Howard K. was there.

May 2006 is when they split up after an argument out in public and Howard K. was called by Larry, Howard K. picked her up and Larry didn't really see her after that, maybe once or twice with Howard K. mediating. It was shortly after that that ANS told Larry that Howard K. was the father of the baby. Larry told Howard K. that the guy she was with during their two months apart could be the father.

When asked about Dniel, Larry siad that ANS loved her son, he slept two floors down. Larry said that when ANS was in a bad state that he should close the door and Daniel shouldt see her like that.

Larry did not go to the Bahamas when Daniel died, he tried to talk to her and offer condolenses. He went there before her death as part of a court order for paternity.

He was with her from August 2004 to May 2006, talked with him about death and was obssessed with Marilyn Monroe. When she was under the influence of drugs, he heard her say that she wanted to die, but he thought it was just drugs. She told him that she wanted to be bured next to Marilyn Monroe when she died. He had disagreed about Daniel being buried in the Bahamas and ANS said it was to avoid the paternity test. If Larry would drop the case, so would she.

S. Carolina guy is not the father because he had a vasectomy. The judge said that the field of fathers was between Larry, Howard K. and the S.C. guy but Larry ruled out S.C. guy. The judge pointed out that if Larry turned out to be the father, where did Larry think ANS should be buried, not out of his opnion, but as Dannielynn's father, where should ANS go? Larry said he would prefer her to be in California but since Daniel was in the Bahamas...should it be shown that he is the father, which he claims is his, he wouldn't want mother and child separated and exhuming Danile to move him is a big job. Larry said he struggled with the question.

The judge praised him as a witness, that Larry "put a lot of meat on the bone."

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