Thursday, February 22, 2007

Entertainment Lawyer's take

and i think he's pretty much right on the whole ANS's body custody trial:

Yes, you to can go to law school and become someone's bitch. When things are not going right with your Sugarmomma, then feel free to ask your parents for money and while you are at it, go ahead and take your old room back. You are sneaky and managed to get yourself a huge fee agreement which you do not want to slip away. Therefore you pretend to like ANS and are there when she makes you watch her get it on with other men. People laugh at you and call you names. Whoops, better stop there I was going to sing the Rudolph song there for a second. This guy basically sold his soul to whatever God told him he just needed to stick it out and get the 6% contingency fee if and when ANS collected. He probably thought he could handle it for a year or two, but there he was, still sucking up to her ten years later. When you look at the picture of him, understand that he did not pay for any of what he is wearing.

Oh, and Larry and Anna's mama are no good also. I just do not want to spend the whole day talking about this. Everyone who knew ANS used her to get stuff or money or both.

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