Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Howard K. Stern on the Stand!

In questioning as to if Howard K. had made any $$$ off of Daniel Smith or ANS's death, the answer is no. The only thing he has received was a ride from Entertainment Tonight on their charter from Florida to the Bahamas after Anna Nicole died. He gave them permission to use the interview and videos but no $$$ passed. Regarding any funeral arrangements, if they were to be televised, all $$$ was to go into a trust for Dannielynn. He is under no contracts with any media source. Howard K.'s lawyers are also not being paid for by any media source.

Howard K. considered himself married to Anna Nicole at the time of her death and does state himself as the father of Dannielynn. He stated that during the filming of "Anna Nicole show" he was paid by E! network about $25000 for two years, besides that he was supported by Anna Nicole. His parents had givine him substantial funds for the lawsuit and for his lawyers. Howard K. declined to mention specific monetary amounts. Howard K. earned no income in 2006.

On the stand, Howard K. does his best to be cooperative under cross-examination, although he was chastized by the judge a couple of times for "editorializing" his testimony.

When asked about any fees he was to receive for being named caretaker for Daniel, as executor of the will and any fees he might receive if he turns out to be the baby's father, Howard K. stated that he would waive them. When asked about pending litigation involving the case against the Marshall estate, Howard K. said that the potential amount was $100 million but he would only be entitled to 5% as Anna Nicole's attorney.

Under cross-examination, Howard K. was asked how he would earn a living with Anna Nicole gone and he answered that he planned to return to school and would probably receive help from his parents. He maintained that Anna Nicole had her own bank account and that he never assumed control of her money, that he only signed checks for her under her direction and everything bore only her name.

Howard K. refused to answer the Texas lawyer's questions about Anna Nicole's drug use. Howard K. simply stated that he was not a doctor and that Anna Nicole always had the care of doctors. The judge stated that Anna Nicole's capacity was indeed an issue with the case.

More updates as they come...a decision is to be rendered Friday.

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