Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Splash News Online in trouble?

At this time in the ANS's body custody court drama, David Lee of Splash News is being implicated by Vergie Arthur of possibly manipulating his relationship with Anna Nicole's mother. Vergie Arthur, on the stand and under oath, stated that David Lee had, in fact, paid for her, her sister-in-law and other's trip to the Bahama to find Daniel Smith's grave. The sister-in-law taped it and alledgedly sold it to Splash. She also stated that she had no knowledge of the Splash helicopters hangin above during the recess where she and Howard K. went to the ME's office to see the remains of Anna Nicole. It is the implication that David Lee is leaking the information to Splash, about as it happens, which may not sit well with the court.

Vergie arthur insists that David Lee is a family friend of 2 years and wouldn't do such a thing. Please note that Mr. Lee lives in Florida. Vergie states that his help with transport was a convenience since she had no other there. I don't buy that, personally.

At this moment, the Splash newssite is down.

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