Monday, February 19, 2007

This made me hurl!!!

off of crazy days and Nights:

I was fortunate enough to not run directly into Ms. Hilton over the weekend and for that I am grateful. The people that control the water in Vegas are also happy because I would still be showering. The threat of disease, frequent use, and being bisexual apparently did not stop Brandon Davis and Stavros Niarchos from making a Paris sandwich for her birthday. Frequent visitors to her kingdom may have banned them from playing with other visitors if you know what I mean.

and off of Janet Charlton's Hollywood:

Paris Hilton celebrated her birthday in Las Vegas this weekend at Nobu with a group of friends. The table included her sister Nicky with her boyfriend David Katzenberg, Nicole Richie with Joel Madden, and Paris with TWO dates: Brandon Davis and Stavros Niarchos. Other diners had their appetites challenged when Paris hopped from Brandon to Stavros, alternately making out sloppily with one after the other - between bites of sushi! Ewwww. We hear the threesome also shared a room at The Palms. What' s up with THAT?
BTW, is gone, thanks to a court injunction. It was fun while it lasted!

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