Friday, February 23, 2007

Kimmie speaks!

No, the website is not hers. No, Howard K. is not evil. Here's the article from ETonline:

In the tragic ANNA NICOLE SMITH saga, one significant player in her personal life has been missing from the spotlight -- until now. Now, KIM WALTHER speaks out and sets the record straight with ET's JANN CARL about life with Anna, her desire for more children, the will, the fake Web site and more

"I hope I'm given [the opportunity to tell baby DANNIELYNN about her mother one day]," says Kim, wiping back tears. "I just want her to know that her mom really was an amazing person, and loved her, and I would like to tell her the good things, you know?"

Best known as "Kimmie" on reality TV's "The Anna Nicole Show," Kim was the late TRIMSPA spokesperson's personal assistant and admirer, whose purple hair and shoulder tattoo of Anna Nicole made her a memorable character.

Kim -- who says she spoke with Anna Nicole just two weeks before she died -- met the former Playboy model about seven years ago at a desert resort, where she was working the front desk. She explains that once she got Anna Nicole's computer working, "We kinda just hit it off and became friends ... she was like a mom to me at times, and a sister and a best friend."

Kim says Anna constantly talked about having more kids: "She wanted five more kids," she says, "and she had whole chests full of girl clothes that she had been saving over the years." But once Anna got pregnant, Kim claims that Anna revealed she wasn't sure who fathered the child.

"She told me she didn't know who the father was," she explains. "She told me, let's see -- I guess around Christmastime or shortly after New Year's -- that HOWARD [K. STERN] was the baby's father."

Kim was with Anna as a witness when the star signed her last will and testament: "I haven't recently read the will, so I can't really say what's in there," she offers. "I do know that at the time she signed it, she was sound, mind and body, and that's what she had intended."

As for Howard's relationship with Anna and her late son, DANIEL, Kim says, "I would never think that he would do anything to harm either Daniel or Anna. Anna was his entire world. I can't even imagine what he's going through. I know what I'm going through is hard, but Howard, he's been with her for these last couple of years that I haven't been there, and I really wish people would leave him alone."

Kim wants to go on record saying that there's a Web site on the Internet that's purported to be hers, but in fact it's not -- it's the work of an impersonator. The site expresses negative views about Howard, and Kim wants to make it clear that she is not involved with it in any way."I called to let [Howard] know about this website that somebody has put up using my name and claiming to be me," she says. "[The site is] basically slandering Howard and accusing him of things like being responsible for the death of Anna Nicole and Daniel. I told him that it's not from me and that I had nothing to do with it and those aren't my feelings or sentiments at all."

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